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  1. Create or join a pool with friends, coworkers, family, etc.
  2. Each week you and everyone else in the pool will pick 1 NFL team to win.
  3. If your chosen team wins, you gain as many points as your team's margin of victory.
    If your chosen team loses, you lose as many points as your team's margin of loss.
    • You pick DAL DAL wins by 10 you gain 10 points
    • You pick PIT PIT loses by 3 you lose 3 points
  4. However, you may only choose each team once per season.
  5. If you fail to submit a pick for a week, you will automatically lose 3 points.
    • You must submit your pick by the start of the first game of the week.
    • You may edit your pick at any time prior to the pick deadline.
    • Your pick will not be made public to other pool members until the pick deadline has passed for the week.
  6. The goal is to have the most points in your pool at the end of the NFL regular season.
  7. It is up to pool owners to define buy-in and payout rules.